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            Advantages of the new double-return combined tubular electrostatic exhaust gas purification equipment

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            Advantages of the new double-return combined tubular electrostatic exhaust gas purification equipment

            1. Adopt 200mm super-large electric field spacing, 2 times of electrostatic dust removal, the dust removal effect is further, it is not easy to scale, and the use period is long, without frequent cleaning.

            2. The new type of high-voltage tube-type electrostatic host is vertical, which occupies a small area.

            3. Adopt safe and stable silicon controlled rectifier high-voltage power supply, the voltage max can reach 60000V, and the processing electric field is strong.

            4. Adopt double return static electricity to carry out the secondary purification treatment of the exhaust gas, which is more thorough than the traditional treatment effect and far exceeds the environmental protection requirements.

            5. The new type is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing device, adopts an automatic control system, and is equipped with three sets of fire extinguishing systems! The operation is simple and convenient, completely eliminating the fire hazard.

            6. The whole system adopts fully automatic intelligent control, intelligent integration, intelligent fire warning, and easy operation.

            7. All the interior is made of stainless steel, which has a longer service life.

            8. The oil in the exhaust gas can be recovered, increasing economic efficiency.

            9. The fan adopts frequency conversion control, and the high-voltage power supply can adjust the purification power to achieve energy consumption min.

            10. The equipment is arranged reasonably and the appearance is beautiful.

            11. With integrated control, one machine can connect multiple setting machines, so as to achieve three good: good control, good management and good maintenance.

            12. Equipment selection (additional): The combined fume treatment equipment produced by Zhongkang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., according to different working conditions and different customer needs, the following personalized selection options are available: (can be added at the same time)

            (1) Hot water reuse system. (For customers who need hot water)

            (2) Odor elimination system. (For customers whose products contain irritating odors)

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